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Φυσικές, φυτικές και χειροποίητες δημιουργίες για το χώρο που ζούμε, γεμάτες αρώματα και φως!

Κεριά σόγιας, αρωματιστές, παστίλιες σόγιας, αρωματικά άλατα και σαπούνια φταγμένα "στο χέρι", με αγάπη και φαντασία!


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Room Fragrance / Reed Diffuser Flower Blossom Series
Room Fragrance / Reed Diffuser Eastern Spices Series
Fresh Delight Series Reed Diffuser
αρωματιστής χώρου reed diffuser με ξυλάκια
Room Air Freshener / Reed Diffuser Sweetful Moments Series
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At Kaimemellei we know very well that with the ingredients of our Kitchen and with some of the best ingredients that Nature offers us, we can make Fresh, Natural Cosmetics for the Care and Protection of our Skin, absolutely Safe and definitely Pure, rich in Nutrients Ingredients and Benefits, depending on what nature's herbs and fresh foods offer to our body. "We cook fresh" when you ask us, based on Traditional Recipes which we have "teased" with a more Modern Mood and Modern,  Scientific Technique.

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A Sneak peek in our Kitchen.


Our products respect life


Shipments are made at our expense for orders over 50 euros


99% natural and environmentally friendly products


All our products are handmade

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Greece, Athens, Alimos


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