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"Winds small" sculpture candle, natural beige color, in 10 scents

"Winds small" sculpture candle, natural beige color, in 10 scents

NEW SERIES of Scented Sculpted Candles from Kaimemellei, handcrafted down to the last detail!


The "Winds small" candle weighs approximately 80 grams and measures approximately 8x5.5 cm. In a wonderful beige natural color, which fits any space and "ties" with any decoration.


Made of natural soy or olive oil wax, three-dimensional and uniquely scented.


Choose from 10 delicious scents that we recommend and decorate your space with a unique work of art, which ... melts for you. The aromatic oils that we add, have intensity and duration, and our candles, even when extinguished, leave a wonderful, subtle aroma in the room! All Kaimemellei handmade soy (and olive oil) candles burn beautifully and for a long time, perfuming the space we live in.


Soy (and olive oil) wax is a recyclable, biodegradable and renewable energy source, completely environmentally friendly, non-toxic (like paraffins). Our candles also have almond oil, while they also have an ecological, cotton wick. With a basic property of their low melting point (that is, they melt at a low temperature), they offer long burning hours (about 50% more than common paraffin candles), they do not leave soot coating (clean burning quality), while if they drip somewhere, they are simply cleaned with soap and water! Our Kaimemellei candles, while burning, release wonderful aromas into the space, changing our atmosphere and mood! A unique aromatherapy in our home!


The range of our candles is constantly enriched, with new scents but also with a variety of designs, making them wonderful decorative elements for our space too!

  • Way of use

    Before we light our candles we take care of the following:

    * be placed on solid and smooth surfaces

    * to be away from currents or flammable materials

    * the wick must be clean and cut to approximately 0.50cm, a small flame means proper combustion

    * do not leave them on unattended or near children or pets

    * not to light up when they have reached 0.50 cm before emptying

    * to remove any packaging (e.g. gift) before lighting

    * not burn for more than 4 consecutive hours

    * place the sculptured candles on a non-flammable base (eg a glass coaster), so that they do not stain the surface we touch them on.

    * candles are best extinguished with a special lid and not by blowing

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