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Αρωματικά Αλατα Kaimemellei σε γυάλινο βάζο με φελλό & σε 32 αρώματα

Kaimemellei Aromatic Salts in glass jar with cork & in 54 fragrances

Another completely natural and enjoyable way to perfume the space and our bathroom!


In elegant glass jars with corks of 50 and 100 ml, they suit any decoration, while as soon as you remove the cork, wonderful aromas overflow  the room, offering us all the benefits of aromatherapy.


Kaimemellei aromatic salts are a unique combination of Epsom salts, Himalayan salts, bicarbonate of soda, essential oils and carefully selected aromatic oils, with intensity and duration! They freshen the air we breathe, relax the body and mind from stress and fatigue and lift our spirits!


You can use them as wardrobe, car scents or put them in pretty trays, making a lovely, scented base for your candles! 


Kaimemellei aromatic salts can of course be used in our bath, manicure or pedicure, giving us moments of relaxation and rejuvenation! They clean the skin in depth, have a healing effect, detoxify the body and care for the skin, leaving it shiny and incredibly soft! One spoon is enough!

  • Way of guarding

    Until you use them, keep the packages of Kaimemellei salts in a dry, shady place, away from moisture and high temperatures.


PriceFrom €5.00
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