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Easter Box Set "Easter Melts" with Easter Wax Melts & ceramic burner

Easter Box Set "Easter Melts" with Easter Wax Melts & ceramic burner

Box Set "Easter Melts" by Kaimemellei.


* Olive oil or rapeseed wax melts set of 10 pieces, mix random selection in Easter designs and spring colors and scents

* Ceramic burner, wax melter white with leaves, distinctive and classic, suitable for any space and decoration.

The set is packaged for you, in beautiful, eco-friendly gift boxes that will wow any recipient.

Our aromatic oils are carefully selected, so that they satisfy every taste and mood and can "stand" in every place (home, shop, office, sports area, etc.), every moment of our day, while at the same time strengthening the spiritual they give us clarity, relax the body and boost the mood.

  • Way of use

    Before we light the burner with the soy wax melts  we take care of the following:

    * be placed on solid and smooth surfaces

    * to be away from currents or flammable materials

    * do not leave on unsupervised or near children or pets

    * to remove any packaging (e.g. gift) before lighting

    * place the tablet in the special position and turn on the light. Melt the same lozenge 2 or 3 times (and let it be refrozen in the case), until it no longer emits any aroma.

    * We remove the rest of the old lozenge, when it is in liquid form, with a simple paper or cotton.

PriceFrom €11.00
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