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Κεραμικός καυστήρας για wax melts, σε Λευκό χρώμα με σχέδιο Φύλλων,  Wax Melter

Burner for aromatic soy lozenges, Wax Melter, Stars Design


Ceramic burner from Kaimemellei, to enjoy the soy lozenges we recommend. The "Stars" design, in off-white color, fits in any space and is a decoration proposal.

Place the soy wax melts in the special place of the burner. Make sure it is clean and dry. Light a simple tealight and place it in the special case at the base of the burner. Enjoy the delicious aromas that overflow, as the lozenges melt and perfume your space.
  Kaimellei soft soy wax lozenges melt perfectly for us and ... the only thing is that, as soon as the candle is finished, the burner is cleaned simply with a little paper or cotton or with a little soap and water! 

  • Way of use

    Before we light the burner with the soy wax melts, we take care of the following:

    * be dry and clean and without cracks

    * to be placed on solid and smooth surfaces

    * to be away from currents or flammable materials

    * not to be left on unattended or near children or pets

    * remove any packaging (e.g. gift) before lighting

    * place the tablet in the special position and turn on the light. Melt the same lozenge 2 and 3 times (and let it refreeze in its case)

PriceFrom €5.50
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