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Κερί Σόγιας Vanilla Icecream, 375 ml, σε 9 αρώματα, σειρά Dessert Candle

Vanilla Icecream Soy Candle, 375 ml, in 9 scents, Dessert Candle series

NEW SERIES of scented soy candles from Kaimemellei, handmade and made like desserts, down to the last detail!


Glass ice cream jar 375 ml, Vanilla Icecream design, from the "Dessert Candles" series of soy candles, with candle "mousse", "cookies" and "chocolates", made of soy wax, reminiscent of ... sweet!


The "Dessert Candles" range offers nine delicious scents: Vanilla Cream, Caramel Pecan, Chocolate Orange, Amaretto, Coconut, Fruit Sorbe, Carrot Cake, Apple Spice, Dark Coffee.


Soy wax, with soybean oil as a raw material, is a recyclable, biodegradable and renewable energy source, completely environmentally friendly, non-toxic (like paraffins). Our candles also have almond oil and aromatic oils, and they also have an ecological, cotton wick.

Their basic property is their low melting point (that is, they melt at a low temperature), they offer long burning hours (about 50% longer than common paraffin candles), they do not leave a coating of soot (clean burning quality), while if they drip somewhere, they are simply cleaned with soap and water!



Our Kaimemellei candles, while burning, release wonderful aromas into the space, changing our atmosphere and mood! A unique aromatherapy in our home!

The range of our candles is constantly being enriched, with new scents but also with a variety in beautiful vases, taking care of their decoration as well, making them wonderful decorations for our space too!

We offer our candles in separate containers and ... the wonderful thing is that, once the candle/cream is finished, the jar remains in our kitchen for use, just with a little soap and water!

  • Way of use

    Before we light our candles we take care of the following:

    * be placed on solid and smooth surfaces

    * to be away from currents or flammable materials

    * the wick must be clean and cut to approximately 0.50cm, a small flame means proper combustion

    * do not leave them on unattended or near children or pets

    * not to light up when they have reached 0.50 cm before emptying

    * to remove any packaging (e.g. gift) before lighting

    * the first burning of the candles should be for 2-3 hours continuously, so that the surface liquefies and they burn properly every time we light them

    * not burn for more than 4 consecutive hours

    * candles are best extinguished with a special lid and not by blowing

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