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Car/wardrobe perfume 10ml, in 56 fragrances

Car/wardrobe perfume 10ml, in 56 fragrances

Perfume for the car or for the wardrobes, in many delightful scents! The amount of 10ml is enough for 4 to 6 weeks.


The perfume solvent we use in Kaimemellei room fragrances comes from renewable sources (glycerin) and has a slow evaporation rate. It is completely biodegradable, does not contain alcohol, is non-toxic to humans and animals and does not burden the marine environment. To the solvent we add one of the 56 Kaimemellei delightful fragrances, carefully selected to satisfy every taste and mood but also to be able to " stand" in every place (home, shop, office, car, sports ground, etc.), every moment of our day.

  • Way of use

    Simply remove the inner protective cap and screw the outer cap back on. Invert for 2-3 seconds to wet the cap. Repeat whenever you feel the scent fading.

    Keep it away from children and wash your hands after every contact with the aromatic oil.

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