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Box Set Reed Delight Small, με αρωματιστή 50ml & ανταλλακτικό αρώματος 100ml

Box Set Reed Delight Small, with 50ml perfumer & 100ml perfume refill

Kaimemellei Box Set with a 50ml reed diffuser in a glass bottle, together with a 100ml refill, in the scent you like! This option ensures you many hours of enjoying your favorite perfumes, at a special price!

The refill is offered in the same fragrance as that of the perfumer you have chosen,  together  with an extra  set of sticks, for better diffusion (the set has two sets of rattan sticks).

We can package the fragrance set for you, in beautiful gift boxes. Just ask for it!

The Caimemelli space fragrances, in very beautiful glass jars, suit any space and any decoration.
The sticks we use are rattan. Due to the structure of the specific wood, the maximum diffusion of the aromas into the air is ensured. In each rattan set we add one or two specially decorated sticks, always paying attention to the aesthetic result of our perfumers.
The perfume solvent we use in Kaimemellei comes from renewable sources (glycerin) and has a slow evaporation rate. It is fully biodegradable, does not contain alcohol, is non-toxic to humans and animals and does not harm the marine environment.
To the solvent we add essential oils from mandarin and lavender, known for their beneficial properties for our body: they enhance mental clarity, relax the body, boost the mood.

Finally, we add favorite aromatic oils, selected to satisfy every taste and mood but also to be able to "stand" in every place (home, shop, office, sports area, etc.), every moment of our day:

In recyclable glass jars of 50 and 100 ml. 

  • Way of use

    Simply remove the protective cap and insert the sticks into the aromatizer. Make sure they are constantly wet from the liquid. Change the side that gets wet on the sticks, so that the side that remains in the air does not dry out and the aroma diffuses better into the environment.

PriceFrom €24.00
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